Asset Management

In managing our clients’ funds we seek capital preservation and growth in all market environments. This total return focus characterizes the selection of both traditional and alternative investment products.

Our investment process starts with a bottom-up and top-down macroeconomic analysis. We constantly strive to outperform defined benchmark portfolios to deliver superior returns based on mutually defined risk appetite.

We build portfolios generating low volatility by strategy diversification and achieve higher returns by focusing only on the best investment managers of proven skill and consistency. We have thus established long-term and sustainable relationships with a selected group of managers who grant us in-depth insight into their investment process.

Asset Management Approach

Buy-Side Approach

Our unique asset management approach combines a buy-side perspective with cutting-edge investment management skills, focusing on ambitious goals for outperformance and risk minimization.

Relationship driven investing

It is the combination of our in-house expertise and the unrivalled access to high-profiled investment managers that leads to superior insight and ultimately superior investment performance. 

Risk management - not risk measurement

Our clients benefit from a thorough due diligence process based on experience and detailed risk assessment. A qualitative analysis of both the fund and the manager in person is the indispensable basis, the essential first step.

Superior Client Service

Our clients rely on the direct, hands-on communication with our asset managers. This individual and attentive service approach integrates and not only informs the client to achieve realistic and reliable growth.

Investment Process

Asset Class selection

The client’s risk appetite and the asset manager’s market assessment constitute  the basis for  long term asset allocation and short term asset class flexibility. Subsequently the careful selection of the manager is the key to success.

Portfolio Optimization

For traditional portfolios this continuously considers liquidity, duration and credit risk. For multi-manager portfolios we only trust managers that substantially contribute to the portfolio’s return and dispose of consistent track records of success.

Risk Management

The risk analysis includes macroeconomic data, liquidity and individual corporate actions. For multi manager portfolios the risk profile is furthermore strongly influenced by the manager’s personal attributes and organizational strengths. Portfolio analysis is predominantly qualitative and conducted exclusively by experienced professionals.

We aim to optimize the portfolio by risk budgeting within our absolute return framework to consistently outperform the market.


We build portfolios by focusing on leading investment managers with proven skill and consistency for traditional investments and react very quickly when markets change.

Internally managed funds, which have successfully performed in niche markets, include

the Europportunity Bond Fund
the USD Convergence Bond Fund 
the Advantage Stock Fund 

All investment products and offers are subject to the Austrian Investment Fund Act. Funds are UCITS-III compliant and admitted for distribution in EU countries.

Asset Management Team

Gerhard Matkovits
Gerhard Matkovits
Asset Management / Fund Management
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Sylvia Huber
Asset Management / Fund Management
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